Tacoma Sunset Rotarians are putting their hands and wallets into the renovation project at Shared Housing Services, whose mission is "Connecting people and fostering independence through innovative and affordable housing, because everyone needs a place to call home." In partnership with district 5020, Tacoma Sunset Rotarians will be painting and installing new blinds in the newly renovated Transitional Family units on Saturday, October 15, 2016.
From Mark Merrill, Executive Director, Shared Housing Service:

"Transitional Family Housing provides low-income homeless families with housing opportunities in one of our 12 units on the premises. To foster positive growth in a stable wholesome family atmosphere, case managers provide supportive services to stabilize families in order to graduate them to permanent housing as rapidly as possible.   

Meeting critical basic family needs for housing is the first step, which is followed by a structured program of progressive support services stressing positive growth for families and based on individual needs. This encourages raising aspirations for quality of family life and provides the tools families can use to achieve their goals."