Tacoma Sunset Rotary Fights Homelessness 
Have you ever wondered about the person behind the cardboard signs by the freeway on and off ramps? What is the story there? That is exactly what was behind the making of the documentary Signs of Our Times, The Signs You See, The People You Don’t.
Tacoma Sunset Rotary member Sue Pivetta spent a year driving up and down the I-5 corridor from Canada to San Diego interviewing people holding cardboard signs, asking surprising questions. Still Sue wondered how could this full length fascinating film could be more than an artistic adventure to be shown at film festivals? Her question was answered when the creativity and passion of Tacoma Sunset Rotary members took action.
Tacoma Sunset Rotary teamed up with Tacoma Narrows Rotary and Passport Rotary Club of Pierce County to present Sue's film and raise funds for local charities to fight homelessness.   Club Members will come together to show this captivating one hour documentary film for the benefit of  local “homeless charities.”  Time And Place TBD.
 Proceeds from the event will benefit LASA - Lakewood, WA, an organization committed to the prevention and recurrence of homelessness.  Yet not only money will be raised from this event. Understanding and compassion for people asking for assistance through their cardboard signs will be elevated for all those who attending.
Sue Pivetta commented:
“I knew the film was compelling and moved people to better understanding from various showings I had given to the art community. People said they were ‘changed’.  But when Rotary did the paddle raise and so many responded, I was truly proud of the film and grateful to Rotary. I want this film to be shown by every Rotary in every community.  Together we can raise awareness and raise money for helper agencies.  And you will be enriched seeing the people and hearing the stories of those behind the signs - as I was.
You can reach Sue Pivetta to host a showing at 253.732.4360 or SuePivetta@myself.com.